Testimonies from the Lighthouse
Denise Hill

It was Stampede Week of 1976 and there had been a lot of drinking and partying, so much so that the last Thursday of that week, I came back from lunch about 3:00 pm.  Needless to say, I was hauled up on the carpet for being a bad example and all I did was sit and cry.  It wasn’t very long before the work day came to an end and I was off to the bar again with friends. By the time the evening was over, I had no money left to get home so I told the bus driver my story and he let me get on the bus anyway.  I walked into a dark house.  My husband was at work and the kids were with a friend.  I was at the end, and the guilt of my constant immoral behaviour drove me to repentance so I kneeled at the couch and said “God, if you are real, please come into my life and change me.  I’ve tried everything and none of it works”.  I felt an immediate peace and I knew instantly my prayer had been answered.  I slept so well that night that I failed to get up on time and was late for work. On the bus, I sat beside a brand new believer who shared her testimony with me.  I was stunned so I told her I too was brand new in Christ, and that experience let me know that Jesus was right there with me.

Very soon, my husband fell in love with a woman at work and so very quickly it became a real test of faith.  I moved out with the kids and began to see God’s hand of provision in miraculous ways.  My husband was actually my ex-husband and we had been living together but were still divorced.  In 1979 he attended a crusade and gave his heart to the Lord.  Quite soon after, we remarried with our son as the ring bearer and our daughter as the bridesmaid!  Life was very difficult as he was extremely legalistic.  Eventually we took in a friend and her children who were in an abusive situation, but she and my ex fell in love. Again I moved out, but by this time our daughter had already left home, so it was just me and my son.
There are so many things to say, but this is a very short version.  God gifted me with a very strong faith from the beginning and I was constantly astounded at the way He revealed Himself to me.  I strayed off the narrow road for awhile and became extremely depressed, but the Lord sent a friend to rescue me.  I returned to church and have walked with him ever since.
Eventually the Lord brought me a very kind and faithful man and this July will be our 18th anniversary.  I have attended several different denominations, but my time with the Baptist church immediately after I got saved provided a very solid foundation which has held me all these years.  The more I learn about the Lord, the more I am in awe.  Great is His faithfulness!!